I will work until I die

Ah retirement! The rewarding final episode of life, the well-deserved rest after some forty years of hard work, and something many have saved for and look forward to. Retirement age varies across countries, from 62 in France to 67 in Norway, and politicians sometimes argue to raise it because of the pressing cost of an ageing population on the government. Yet that remains a very touchy and controversial topic that is more often than not buried under protests of raspy voices and bony fists, even though it is a very reasonable argument. (more…)

Who do you want to be in life?

September is creeping closer, and with it comes the increasing pressure of having to find a job. I’ve been studying for five consecutive years now, and am looking forward to whatever change will come in the next coming months. Yet I’m not quite looking forward to the “job” that seems to be waiting for me, i.e. the corporate job where I would consult, analyse data, sell a product, or look at financial charts. Agreed, good money can be found there, as well as a certain peace of mind, and millions of people are satisfied with their role as a calorie in a chocolate cake. But that’s not how I roll. (more…)

4 questions on work

March. Along with the reappearance of beautiful, cloudless skies and warm sun comes the realization that time has been flying by. It seems like yesterday when I arrived in London, but it was the 24th of September, now more than five months ago. I have nine weeks left in London before I go back to Belgium and then move to Shanghai for the second chapter in what has already been a very exciting year. However, all of this also means graduation and the frightening entry into the workforce is coming closer and closer. I say frightening, because the impending deadline of graduation brings difficult questions that merit a blog post. Thus without further ado, I present to you the questions that go through my mind every time I apply for a job: