Threatened house

A flash of lightning got rid of the dark
Long enough for the sickly man to see
More aloe vera would be needed to
Soothe the wounds of his beautiful house.

Grass and tree tops are pointed to the door,
The cold wind batters the fragile window,
And the man knows it will not take long before
The rumble of thunder will break the sky

And clouds will release their cargo of rain
On the red bricks, roof and rest of the house.

Though the man shakes his fist up to the sky,

He cowers in fear

for this Putin storm.


Pathetic Europe

The financial and economic crisis has caused quite some damage around the world. Jobs were lost, wealth was lost, and money fled to wherever it seemed safe. Six years after the start of the crisis, many parts of the world have recovered from the damage done. The emerging economies were swift in their recovery and is now being followed by an American economy that is gathering pace as well. Only one “global” player stays behind and seems incredibly slow in its recovery: the European Union.