A better future

Sometimes, your job just sucks. It’s repetitive, it’s dirty, it’s boring. You feel undervalued and underappreciated, but you stick with it because it provides a living, comfortable or not. Friday and Saturday are easily the best days of the week, where decompressing from the workweek happens in the couch or in alcoholic debauchery. Monday morning, from the recesses of your brain, thoughts of change come bubbling up, yet the morphine towards the end of the workday sedates those thoughts and pushes them back into their dark cave. You know you can do better, you know you’re worth more, but you live on in complacency, unwilling to make the effort of potentially perilous change. (more…)


Who do you want to be in life?

September is creeping closer, and with it comes the increasing pressure of having to find a job. I’ve been studying for five consecutive years now, and am looking forward to whatever change will come in the next coming months. Yet I’m not quite looking forward to the “job” that seems to be waiting for me, i.e. the corporate job where I would consult, analyse data, sell a product, or look at financial charts. Agreed, good money can be found there, as well as a certain peace of mind, and millions of people are satisfied with their role as a calorie in a chocolate cake. But that’s not how I roll. (more…)

Imagine unlimited imagination

Stories come in many forms. The biography of a celebrity, the bankruptcy of airplane companies after 9/11, the moment you first saw her, a forest in the Shire. However, not all stories are created equally. The first three examples above are based upon real events that happened. This is different from my last example, as the Shire is a part in the made-up world of Middle-Earth. We are all storytellers to the extent that we can all talk about an event that we went through or that we know about. Yet coming up with something that did not happen is considerably more difficult (even liars base their lie on credible scenarios). It requires something fascinating, something that has brought the human race to where we are now: imagination. (more…)