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Sweat, mud and 10,000 volts: Tough Mudder

Hundreds of wires were hanging in front of me over the next ten metres, all wrapped in a plastic insulator except for the lower tips. Each wire was charged with 10,000 volts. Although the area was incredibly muddy, Jack and I saw a way to sneak through the wires without getting hit, and both of us were doing quite well. But alas, I was halfway when someone decided to kamikaze his way through and all the wires moved. Getting hit by 10,000 volts is a strange experience. I felt the electric current going through my right leg, but couldn’t pinpoint the exact spot where I was hit. I was hoping I’d give out a manly grunt, but instead yelled like a girl. To be fair, even the muscled dude with the Viking beard  screamed. And the guy that got hit on his bum. That was the worst scream. We all laughed with that one, though. (more…)