Blog no more

Dear Reader,

the Arrow hit the one-year mark a few days back. During the year of its existence, I have blogged about my stay in Alexandria, where I lived through the second big revolution, and London, where I focused mostly on poetry and taking life in your own hands. I thoroughly enjoyed writing and always felt accomplished publishing a new post. It felt good sharing my thoughts to the world, and I was always happy to see people reading those thoughts.

However,¬†you might have noticed that my last two posts here were videos, and this is exactly what I’ll be focusing on right now. I have decided to move on to a different medium, one that is inevitably more accessible in today’s society: video. If you would still like to follow me, I would encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I will post a video every Monday to keep you updated on my travels.

Hope to see you there!


Buildings of Pudong

A second vlog instalment, where I explore Shanghai Pudong, a beautiful and incredibly modern area east of the river.

The Led Zeppelin of Cities

When my plane flew through a roof of clouds into Shanghai, I did not quite know what to expect. Every city has its own atmosphere, created by its people and the economy of the country. Shanghai is the economic centre in what is almost the biggest economy of the world, but I had no clue how this would be felt in the city. (more…)