Dear Reader

I am quite delighted to find you reading this page. Please, let me introduce myself. I am a 22-year-old Belgian Thomas with an affinity for the written word. An affinity that has its early roots in the swirling mind of young me, a most curious boy, and that developed through an undergraduate degree in Applied Linguistics and through books books books. I studied, travelled, read even more, explored diverse cultures, and postponed writing under the false excuse that I needed to experience more. It might be true to an extent that experience renders writing more vivid, but it cannot be an excuse for not writing. I realised this and founded the Arrow.

An Arrow Shot was founded in May 2013, a few months before I would move to Alexandria in Egypt that summer. I arrived on the exact same day that 33 million Egyptians protested for the removal of former president Morsi, the start of a bloody revolution that took place during the six weeks of my stay in July and August. I saw many good things, many bad things, and I used the Arrow as a medium to convey my thoughts to the outer world. It was a very enriching experience, to say the least.

After my Egypt adventure, I was given the opportunity to study a Master of International Business in London and Shanghai, an opportunity that I grabbed with both hands. As I still have plenty of thoughts to share with you, the Arrow flies on and will continue to deliver weekly blog posts, with topics ranging from poetry to creativity and our common future.

To conclude, seven quick facts about me:

1. I avoid hyphens unless absolutely necessary.
2. In a previous life, I could run 100 meter in 10″88. Good times.
3. My sentences are often longer than textbooks advise them to be.
4. When I was young, my mother was scared of my disproportionally big blue eyes.
5. I consider small talk boring and move too quickly into philosophical discussions.
6. I have survived an earthquake in Milan and have been held under gunpoint in Egypt.
7. I have a cat named Sheba, after the cat food. She lives with my parents and never writes me.

© Thomas De Moor 2014 all rights reserved

One comment

  1. Alexandria! How interesting! I hope you write more, and soon! I’d love to learn more about that region of the world. Happy blogging!


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