Month: June 2014

Blog no more

Dear Reader,

the Arrow hit the one-year mark a few days back. During the year of its existence, I have blogged about my stay in Alexandria, where I lived through the second big revolution, and London, where I focused mostly on poetry and taking life in your own hands. I thoroughly enjoyed writing and always felt accomplished publishing a new post. It felt good sharing my thoughts to the world, and I was always happy to see people reading those thoughts.

However,¬†you might have noticed that my last two posts here were videos, and this is exactly what I’ll be focusing on right now. I have decided to move on to a different medium, one that is inevitably more accessible in today’s society: video. If you would still like to follow me, I would encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I will post a video every Monday to keep you updated on my travels.

Hope to see you there!