Breach of reality

This is my first attempt at fiction. I will be releasing a short story every month. Any feedback is welcome! Enjoy.

Elyas knew it was the best of both worlds. For seven years, he had been happily married to Alyse. And he meant happily in its purest definition, not as a subterfuge for alright, or passable. No, a happy happy that walked hand in hand with another surprising aspect of their relationship, something often considered strange for a marriage of already this length. It was the fountain of sparks, the electric tension, the tremor of thrill. It was the unequalled and constant beating of love and being in love still. Apparently, not all phenomena move in waves, Elyas thought as he adjusted the bowtie of his tuxedo. He smiled and the mirror man showed an array of white teeth. His strong jawline was accentuated by a trimmed line of stubble that blended perfectly into his hair, short and neat on the sides, long and somewhat dishevelled at the top. His skin was of a light brown colour and his body was chiselled beautifully, with every muscle defined and strong. Elyas was crafted to perfection, but so was everyone else of course. The eyes though, the eyes. His left pupil showed the truest blue, the colour of a clear ocean on a sunny day. Yet his right was the green of a dark forest, where sunlight could hardly filter through the canopy. Elyas had consciously chosen this disparity of colour, as he had realised before anyone else that perfection all too often lies in the eccentric. It had set him apart for long enough to become a noticed individual and before long, he was talking to Crafters. And to Alyse, who called him her Swimming Lion. Alyse had always been creative, with words and ideas alike. Tonight was one of her ideas. A second first date, where they pretended not to know each other. To rediscover and discover, to be encapsuled in a bubble of grateful nostalgia. They had decided on a straightforward and traditional restaurant date. Elyas had chosen Tyrumbari, a Japanese restaurant renowned for its sashimi. He would pick up Alyse by car from their house and drive her to the restaurant. “I’m leaving,” Elyas yelled to his friend Manish, grabbing his keys and moving towards the front door. “Don’t be too nervous,” he heard Manish say from some indistinct room.

A Bentley Flying Spur of an onyx black. Elyas put his hand on the car and followed its flawless line to the drivers door. Twenty inch five spoke wheels painted scarlet red. The interior replicated the exterior; onyx black leather seats combined with a scarlet red dashboard. An aggressive appearance, this car raced from 0 to 100 in 4.3 seconds. Which is exactly why I bought it, Elias thought as he put the car in gear and shot out of the driveway. He always drove manual, as he thrilled at the control over this beautiful beast roaring over the road. 180 km/h. Trees on both sides of the road blended to an indistinct green. No music, only the grumble of the W12 engine. 240 km/h and tunnel vision. No traffic, a road with slight curves. Exhilarating. The trees had given way for an open field of night. Headlamps and a sliver of moon illuminated the road in front of him. As such an established character, people often asked him why he still played with his life like this. Elyas argued that these thrills were his only purpose here. And besides, where else would his success come from?

Elyas slowed down as he approached their house. Equally unique as impressive, the house was built on a hill that made it tower over the landscape. It had a Mediterranean look and feel to it, with five tall and thin brick pillars in the front connecting to the roof. The entire building was three stories high and was made of yellow bricks covered by a roof of brownish tiles. Elyas stepped out of the Spur and walked up towards the door. Halfway, the door opened. The light from the hallway showed her hourglass silhouette radiating its exquisite beauty. She made a few steps forwards. Lights popped on. Her cocktail dress was both stylish and contemporary, ending right above her knees and snugly fitting her body, oh her body. A thin white belt embraced her waist, complemented by white chandelier earrings. She is gorgeous touch her grab her love her, a voice whispered in Elyas’ ear. Yet he kept his composure and pressed a gentle kiss on her hand. “A pleasure to finally meet you. Elyas, Swimming Lion.” She slightly bent her knees and inclined her head. “Alyse, Twelfth Crafter.” She hooked her arm in his and they walked back to the Spur. Elyas pointed up to the cloudless sky.
“All the stars must envy your beauty.”
“How do you know?” she asked. Her voice thrilled the evening air.
“Because one day I’ll go up there and ask,” Elias said.
He noticed her lips, of such beautiful red, part into a warm smile. She knew he meant it. The stars had always been part of the world, yet none of the Primaries had dared to venture there before. Certainly, Secondaries had tried, but none of those had returned, all assumed dead. They were of no importance anyway. Elyas wanted to be the first Primary to venture beyond and return. The aura of mystery around the stars made his blood tingle.
“Yes, I’ll go there and talk with whatever lives there. I’ll tell them of the radiating individuals that make up the light of this planet, and of you, the Brightest Sparkle.”
“Oh Elyas, you make a lady blush,” she said while stepping in the car, still smiling.

Elyas had driven fast, too fast for two Primaries. A single mistake could have ended their lives there and then. Not every woman would have liked this danger, but Alyse did. The butterflies in her stomach were turned upside down whenever there was a curve, and her laugh filled the car. The drive to Tyrumbari hardly took ten minutes. Elyas parked the car right in front of the restaurant and helped Alyse out. They were allocated to a table and soon had sashimi in front of them, of all colours and from the farthest seas, prickling their taste buds with exquisite tastes. The night was filled with laughter and played innocence. They rediscovered long forgotten aspects of each other. Elyas loved Alyse. She kept him on his toes intellectually and physically. For seven years, they had found the seemingly impossible balance between love and lust, between stability and infatuation. If only it was all true. But then again, perhaps it was. Yes, perhaps it was. In the twinkle of their eyes, hours flew by.

Seemingly without any effort, Elyas picked up Alyse and carried her to the bedroom. Both laughed, slightly intoxicated. She kicked off her high heels. He threw her on the waterbed and took off his own shoes as well. Alyse was rolling back and forth on the bed, just for the fun of it, eyes closed. Elyas grinned and threw himself next to her. They kissed passionately. Seven years, still kisses with saliva. Elyas took his time to discover her body with one hand, holding her head with the other while they kissed. He wanted to unbuckle her belt, but her hand on his stopped him. He looked up at her questioningly and saw her frown. Her lips were pursed. “Isn’t this a bit too quick for a first date?” she asked. Her mouth turned into a sly grin as she sat upright and started fiddling with his shirt buttons. “I have to admit… this does make me… feel uncomfortable,” Elyas said through her kisses. She removed his bowtie and he stretched out his arms to help her get off his shirt. She grabbed his chin with a sudden ferocity and pushed her forehead against his, piercing his eyes with her gaze. “What are you waiting for, boy?”
Elyas grabbed her neck and pushed her down in one swift move. He unbuckled her belt and took off her cocktail dress. Her dark blue lingerie was detailed with an intricate lace pattern that made him stop his actions. “What, never seen lingerie before?” Alyse asked. Elyas pouted, shook his head, and removed her bra with an adept snap of his fingers. She pressed herself against him. The heat of her body, the feeling of her breasts, it all excited him in such a way that he no longer wanted to wait. Their groans echoed through the house.

“Alyse, that first date idea,” Elyas said, still panting, “was a really good idea.”
She smiled and put her arm on his chest. Both contemplated in silence before Elyas spoke again. “When can we meet again?”
She closed her eyes and browsed through her agenda. She sighed. “I’ve got a pretty busy week at work.” Elyas felt a stab of jealousy. “Next week Thursday is the earliest I can manage.”
Elyas nodded. “Then that’s when we’ll meet.” Alyse gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered him good night. Elyas watched her evaporate as she logged out. He lingered a bit longer before he logged out as well.

Eric pulled off the Fovea Virtual and put it on the desk in front of him. Shit, 2am already, he thought as he glanced at the clock. He stood up and went to brush his teeth. The mirror man looked at him. Eric Smith. 27. Nine to Five. Single.


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