House of Spirituality / Web of Life

Spirituality is a house with many rooms, each of a different religion. Some rooms are larger than others, some have more books, some have more valuable objects. Some rooms exude tranquility, other rooms are dark and feel oppressive. Everyone walks in the house of spirituality, with many staying in one room for most of their lives. I prefer to walk around and see what the house has to offer. Is it not a good idea to explore this house and understand it better? I have explored Christianity, the Islam and even Scientology and have come to what I now consider an obvious conclusion: there is truth in every religion and, more often than not, many religions have a common foundation. Respect for each other and for yourself plays a very big role in many, if not all, of the major religions. Do not kill, do not steal, be good to your parents, pray for God and cultivate your growth personally and spiritually. Give love and embrace love. These are returning values in many religions. Religious institutions often argue/quibble over which God is the true God, or which Book truly embraces the true religion, but could it not be that God is both Jahweh, Jehovah, Allah, and Buddha? If one is a true disciple of faith, what does it matter what religious institutions say? And if every religion offers a different and interesting angle on life, is it not worth investing some time in all of them and form your own opinion on them? I believe exploring every religion makes one a better person, more in tune with and with a higher tolerance towards any religion. Frankly, it makes one a more spiritual person.

I believe in many of the core values of many religions. However, I cannot say if I believe in an omnipresent being watching us all, as I simply do not know, which would put me in the category of the agnostics. Perhaps there is a God, perhaps there is not. If there is, live the best life you can considering the core foundations of the many religions, so God will be benovelent to you in whatever sort of afterlife there is. If there is not, then you better make the best of this life. You might think this could mean women, money, guns and drugs, but I believe the biggest personal gratification and most fulfilling life can be found through spirituality and adhering to the religious/universal core values.


However, there is one idea of life in which I do believe, an idea I picked up reading Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky (what novels aren’t good for). It is fate. Beforehand, I had always considered myself extremely lucky in life. Seemingly out of nowhere, opportunities would come to me. However, what if these opportunities did not come out of nowhere? Fate can be explained like this: You start out with a goal you set for yourself in the future, a goal you work towards and for which you take certain actions. You subscribe to newsletters, you talk to certain people, you buy certain products, etc… Because the world we live in is such a complex web of interactions, your actions reverberate across this web and have implications that will eventually come back to you. Your previous actions will define what future chances will come your way, which might seem as luck, but it is not. It might go so far that your previous actions will decide your future actions. This is fate. You create your own fate through actions you previously did, and it might be hard turning back from the implications of your previous actions. This can be both liberating or suffocating, depending on what previous actions you took. But realise that, when chances come your way, it is not because of luck, nor of skill, but rather because of your determination, of your ripples in this Web of Life.



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