Month: January 2014

Hult Visionary: Paul Polman

Paul Polman

Above picture shows Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever since 2009. He was Forbes Person of the Year in 2011 and is widely accredited with putting vigour back into a company that was slowly falling behind on its competitors. Unilever’s share price rose 50% during Polman’s tenure, which ends this year. He has put strong emphasis on sustainability, trying to drastically reduce Unilever’s ecological footprint while setting an example for other companies. Yesterday, Mr. Polman imparted his wisdom on the Hult students as a speaker in the Hult Visionary Speaker Series, which has already seen visionary leaders such as Bill Clinton, Bob Geldof, Steve Forbes and Steve Wozniak (to name a few).

Breach of reality

This is my first attempt at fiction. I will be releasing a short story every month. Any feedback is welcome! Enjoy.

House of Spirituality / Web of Life

Spirituality is a house with many rooms, each of a different religion. Some rooms are larger than others, some have more books, some have more valuable objects. Some rooms exude tranquility, other rooms are dark and feel oppressive. Everyone walks in the house of spirituality, with many staying in one room for most of their lives. I prefer to walk around and see what the house has to offer. Is it not a good idea to explore this house and understand it better? I have explored Christianity, the Islam and even Scientology and have come to what I now consider an obvious conclusion: there is truth in every religion and, more often than not, many religions have a common foundation. Respect for each other and for yourself plays a very big role in many, if not all, of the major religions. Do not kill, do not steal, be good to your parents, pray for God and cultivate your growth personally and spiritually. Give love and embrace love. These are returning values in many religions. Religious institutions often argue/quibble over which God is the true God, or which Book truly embraces the true religion, but could it not be that God is both Jahweh, Jehovah, Allah, and Buddha? If one is a true disciple of faith, what does it matter what religious institutions say? And if every religion offers a different and interesting angle on life, is it not worth investing some time in all of them and form your own opinion on them? I believe exploring every religion makes one a better person, more in tune with and with a higher tolerance towards any religion. Frankly, it makes one a more spiritual person.

Vice Versa Love

When we bodily departed
We remained deep hearted
Through low and high
And years went by

O sometimes we went
Gave our hearts for rent
To exciting danger
Always just another stranger

Yet it was always clear
Never any need for fear
For as Time grew longer
Our fire burned stronger

Still now do I worry
Darling, should we not hurry?
If not for a kiss
Then, what is this?

Lest our roads remain apart
Honey, shall we follow our heart?
And fly to high above
For everlasting love

Vice Versa Love