Mothers matter most

The stages of life divide the life of a person. I have gone through childhood, puberty, adolescence and now daresay I am on the brink of adulthood. I met many people, some of whom I liked, some of whom I hated, some of whom I loved, some of whom I forgot about. The love I gave and received fluctuated between stages and between people. Each stage I went through had its particular lows and highs, with all of them being very different from each other. There was only one constant during these stages. The unlimited love from my mother.

I am blessed with a particularly awesome mother. The first picture below shows this. My parents were in London for the weekend and this was early Sunday morning. We decided to meet up at St. Paul’s close to noon, but I couldn’t find my parents when I arrived there. They were standing a bit further away and my mom decided to sneak up on me while my dad was taking pictures. Even though the picture is not fully clear, the subconscious love and unbounded happiness of seeing each other is very visible.

Mom 1

Mom 2The other picture was taken a few moments later, when we were drinking a coffee in a place close to St. Paul’s Cathedral. The chairs made us think we were in church, so we decided to mock God right in front of St. Paul’s and pretend as if we were confessing sins.

Mom, you are invaluable in many ways. Your advice is often spot on, even though it often takes me a long time to realise and admit. You are invariably hard-working and care like nothing else about me and my brother’s happiness. The little things you do for your children are taken for granted too often, but I want you to know that deep inside, both my brother and I know what you sacrifice for us. We both deeply love you for doing so. You are one of a kind, and I am proud of who you are, exemplary in my life. Happy birthday mom, I know I am too far away right now, but do know that I’m thinking of you.

Big kiss,



  1. Ik hoor bij jou,jij hoort bij mij,we blijven samen voor altijd,ik laat je nooit alleen,
    Jij maakt me blij,ik hou je vast en laat je vrij
    En ik vertrouw erop dat jij de weg wel weet….maar stiekem kijk ik toch een beetje mee
    Ik hoor bij jou,jij hoort bij mij,want jij bent ik en ik ben jij
    En dat is voor altijd……. (Marco Borsato 🙂 )


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