Rollercoaster of emotions

My eyes are closed and the wind howls as I ride on the roller coaster of emotions. It rattles upwards with ambition and joy of life and I stretch my hand to touch the sky when it reaches its highest point. I dream of the endless horizon of possibilities and open my eyes in expected delight, yet startle at how high I am. Gone are all ambitions when the rollercoaster plunges down with frightening speed and I can only think of survival. At its lowest point, when failure seems unavoidable, the roller coaster swooshes up again. I ride to an exciting high.

The roller coaster of emotions is a curious machine of life. As with many things in life, it has a cycle. High – low – high – low. How high your high is, or how deep your low is, will depend on your roller coaster. Yet you cannot avoid the cycle. Do not follow the implicitly obligatory rule of happiness in today’s society, where you have to be doing “good” or where you have to smile on photographs. Ironically, people feel bad for not feeling happy because of this. Instead of feigning happiness, learn to embrace the roller coaster and cherish it. Acceptance leads to understanding and probably even to a longer and higher high. So feel unhappy every once in a while. Feel frustrated, feel afraid, feel happy, kiss, shout, smile, cry, love, live. You might not be easiest person to live with, but at least the ride will be exhilarating.


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