TimePitiful are our attempts to control Time and imprison it with metric time. The shackles of minutes, hours and days give the human mind the morphine of control and order, yet it cannot be denied that Time hardly cares about its shackles and flees or crawls away whenever it sees fit. This is the Perception of Time (PT), and it differs between individuals. What variables control this perception? When I was a track and field athlete, I sometimes thought I saw everything move slightly slower than other people, as if I watched the world in slow motion. There must be some truth to this feeling. My PT changes with cities as well, leading me to think cities influence PT as well. 

London, for instance, quickens my PT considerably. This city makes me sleep less and live more. It moves at a relentless pace (or rather makes my PT move at a relentless pace), where people rush through metro’s and glance at their watch, as if to urge their PT to go even faster. This pace is contagious, and I find myself often racing from place to place as well. This can wreck your mind if you do not find a way to slow down. Luckily, I have found my personal antidote: reading.

The great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude. (Emerson)

And indeed, words calm my mind & puts it in a different place. It soothes and slows PT, the necessary pause where I love, cry, float, drift.

With this, I can live London to the fullest. And I do. One of the projects I am engaged in is Movember. Starting from today, I will not shave my moustache for the entire month of November and will gather people to fund my moustache. The entire school is involved in it and we have many MoBro’s that will make the sacrifice, with MoSista’s to support us. All the funds we raise go into research on testicular and prostate cancer, as well as on mental health issues. Anyone that wants to fund my moustache can do so on this site. Fund my Mo and change the face of men’s health.


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