The Veil in front of Time

Luxor panorama

High in the sky, we all floated. The sunrise over yellow black Luxor had coloured the dark Nile with a fiery red, contrasting the green along the river. There was no need for words, the colours said enough. The excavations were seemingly insignificant small black holes in sandstone, yet they were uncovering what had been such a significant civilization. Often out of reverence for one person or one god, thousands of sweaty backs worked for years under the crack of a whip, building monuments that have stood the test of time for up to 4500 years now, defying contemporary imagination and fuelling our admiration. What is contemporary Egypt compared to its ancient predecessor? Does any contemporary civilization match up to the grandeur of ancient Egypt, with its multi-faceted religion, strong hierarchy and incredible architecture? While floating over Luxor in the hot air balloon, I was inclined to say no, but quickly realized that was a foolish thought. It might seem that some previous civilizations, such as the ancient Greek, Egyptian or Roman ones, seem to have achieved more than the contemporary ones, but we might not see how great modern civilizations are because we live in the midst of it. Only time can remove the veil in front of contemporary human achievement.

Veil of Egypt


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