Blog no more

Dear Reader,

the Arrow hit the one-year mark a few days back. During the year of its existence, I have blogged about my stay in Alexandria, where I lived through the second big revolution, and London, where I focused mostly on poetry and taking life in your own hands. I thoroughly enjoyed writing and always felt accomplished publishing a new post. It felt good sharing my thoughts to the world, and I was always happy to see people reading those thoughts.

However, you might have noticed that my last two posts here were videos, and this is exactly what I’ll be focusing on right now. I have decided to move on to a different medium, one that is inevitably more accessible in today’s society: video. If you would still like to follow me, I would encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I will post a video every Monday to keep you updated on my travels.

Hope to see you there!

The Led Zeppelin of Cities

When my plane flew through a roof of clouds into Shanghai, I did not quite know what to expect. Every city has its own atmosphere, created by its people and the economy of the country. Shanghai is the economic centre in what is almost the biggest economy of the world, but I had no clue how this would be felt in the city. (more…)

A better future

Sometimes, your job just sucks. It’s repetitive, it’s dirty, it’s boring. You feel undervalued and underappreciated, but you stick with it because it provides a living, comfortable or not. Friday and Saturday are easily the best days of the week, where decompressing from the workweek happens in the couch or in alcoholic debauchery. Monday morning, from the recesses of your brain, thoughts of change come bubbling up, yet the morphine towards the end of the workday sedates those thoughts and pushes them back into their dark cave. You know you can do better, you know you’re worth more, but you live on in complacency, unwilling to make the effort of potentially perilous change. (more…)

I will work until I die

Ah retirement! The rewarding final episode of life, the well-deserved rest after some forty years of hard work, and something many have saved for and look forward to. Retirement age varies across countries, from 62 in France to 67 in Norway, and politicians sometimes argue to raise it because of the pressing cost of an ageing population on the government. Yet that remains a very touchy and controversial topic that is more often than not buried under protests of raspy voices and bony fists, even though it is a very reasonable argument. (more…)

Sweat, mud and 10,000 volts: Tough Mudder

Hundreds of wires were hanging in front of me over the next ten metres, all wrapped in a plastic insulator except for the lower tips. Each wire was charged with 10,000 volts. Although the area was incredibly muddy, Jack and I saw a way to sneak through the wires without getting hit, and both of us were doing quite well. But alas, I was halfway when someone decided to kamikaze his way through and all the wires moved. Getting hit by 10,000 volts is a strange experience. I felt the electric current going through my right leg, but couldn’t pinpoint the exact spot where I was hit. I was hoping I’d give out a manly grunt, but instead yelled like a girl. To be fair, even the muscled dude with the Viking beard  screamed. And the guy that got hit on his bum. That was the worst scream. We all laughed with that one, though. (more…)